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2022 NFL Vegas Odds

Here you can find all of the vital information for the 2022 NFL Vegas Odds to help you build the best NFL DFS lineups and start you on your journey to cashing in Sports-betting on any of the numerous sports betting websites. If you haven’t been sports-betting with us, you’ve probably not been winning money! If you haven’t signed up yet we’ll leave our links down below, and if you deposit, you should get a deposit bonus using the links as well!

FantasyTeamAdvisors spends hours a week digging into the 2022 NFL Vegas Odds to not only help you bet on sports but to give you some of the best Fanduel and DraftKings lineup options to help you bring home the bacon and start making better choices and picks.

As you know Vegas loves to make money. We can make money with them by using their odds against them and either betting or building some great NFL DFS lineups. We are here to help you and if you have questions, feel free to email me.

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Whether you’re betting the Super Bowl futures or betting on a team to win tonight’s game, you’re probably looking at a Moneyline. This is typically a straightforward, “who’s going to win” bet:


Let’s say the Packers are listed as an 8/1 betting choice to win the Super Bowl. If you wager $100 on Green Bay to win the NFC and they capture the championship, then you would win $800 (8 ÷ 1 x 100). Your online betting account would then credit your account $900, which includes your win and stake ($100). However, if you’re benefitting from a free betting credit, that doesn’t count towards your stake, and you’ll only receive your win.


Spread betting gets a bit more advanced than just “who’s going to win”, and requires you to have a solid knowledge of how a team might perform. For example, let’s say Green Bay is listed as +3.5 (-110). That means that, in order for your bet to pay out on those -110 odds, the Packers need to either win the game or not lose by 4 points or more.


If you’re betting totals, and you’re probably seeing a pattern here, you’re betting on the total number of points scored. These bet types are pretty logically named, no? Anyway, if you’re betting on a Packers v. Bears matchup and the total is set at over or under 48.5, that means that oddsmakers don’t expect the cumulative score earned by both teams to exceed 48. If it does, and you bet the OVER, you get a payout. If it doesn’t and you bet the UNDER, you get a payout.


Parlay betting is not for the feint of heart, as we’ve said: it requires you to string together anywhere from 3-12 (and sometimes more) bets for a bigger payout. The only trick? Every single leg has to hit, otherwise, you lose it all.

We’re also seeing one-game or single-game parlays on the board lately, and that’s in large part due to the advent of live betting:


Prop betting is a form of casual bet that doesn’t really have to do with the outcome of a game. For example, you can have the more technical prop bets like “player to exceed X passing yards before the half” or “team to intercept before the quarter is finished”. You can also have less technical bets like “color of Gatorade dumped on the coach”, “will the mascot trip down the stairs today”, or any number of novelty bets.

Throw in the fact that legal, online betting can be done from a mobile device, and live betting becomes possible: that’s where you can place prop bets, including parlaying them together in single-game parlays, as the game is happening. Exciting times we live in!


The American Format of listing odds would see Green Bay in the above example listed at +800 and for the Decimal Format, the Packers would be 9.00. American format is more common in, you guessed it, the US, while Canadian and European bettors tend to use Decimal or Fractional odds.

If you are in a state where online betting is legal, we encourage you to check out our directories and sportsbook pages to find the most trustworthy, reputable mobile apps to place your Super Bowl bets or your NFL bets throughout the season.


2022 NFL Vegas Odds