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MLB DFS Picks Today 8/4/23

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MLB DFS Picks Today 8/4/23

Yu Darvish pitching

MLB DFS Picks Today 8/4/23 Advice for Fanduel and DraftKings Advice can be used for the 15 games today.  FantasyTeamAdvisors is very excited to be able to provide you with some MLB content once again. Let’s dig in!

Make sure to also check out all the Vegas Odds for today’s slate. You can also read more DFS advice and lineup picks for sites like FanDuel, and other sports too. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @advisors_team


MLB DFS Picks Today 8/4/23

When playing MLB DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) on FanDuel and DraftKings, there are several strategies you can employ to increase your chances of success. Here are a few key strategies to consider:

  1. Research and Study: Familiarize yourself with the players, teams, and matchups. Analyze player statistics, recent performance, and factors like weather conditions, ballpark tendencies, and pitching matchups. Stay updated on injury news and lineup changes to make informed decisions.
  2. Focus on Starting Pitching: Starting pitchers have a significant impact on DFS performance. Target pitchers with high strikeout potential, favorable matchups, and a track record of consistent performance. Look for pitchers who can go deep into games and limit runs scored by the opposing team.
  3. Consider Ballpark Factors: Ballpark dimensions and factors can greatly influence a player’s performance. Some ballparks are known for being hitter-friendly, while others favor pitchers. Take these factors into account when selecting your lineup, particularly when choosing power hitters or pitchers susceptible to giving up home runs.
  4. Look for Value Plays: Identify undervalued players who have the potential to outperform their price tag. These can be players who are in favorable matchups, hitting higher in the batting order, or experiencing recent success. Finding value plays allows you to roster top-tier players while staying within the salary cap.
  5. Diversify Lineups: Consider creating multiple lineups with different player combinations. This strategy, known as lineup diversification, helps reduce risk and increases the chances of hitting on the right combination of players. It’s important to strike a balance between diversification and maintaining exposure to top performers.
  6. Pay Attention to Vegas Lines: Keep an eye on the Vegas lines and over/under totals for games. High-scoring games can provide more opportunities for hitters, while low-scoring games may favor pitchers. Target games with high run totals or favorable odds for potential offensive explosions.
  7. Monitor Late Lineup Changes: Stay vigilant and adjust your lineup accordingly if there are any late lineup changes or player scratches. This ensures you have active players in your lineup and maximizes your potential points.

Remember, DFS success requires a combination of skill, research, and a bit of luck. It’s essential to continually evaluate your strategies, learn from your mistakes, and adapt to changing circumstances to improve your MLB DFS performance on FanDuel.

If you would like to hear the analysis on each of these picks below, make sure to watch the video as we break it down even more! 

MLB DFS Picks Today 8/4/23



Aaron Nola vs Kansas City Royals- Only faced 4 of these batters, but I like his match-up against a lowly KC offense.
Yu Darvish vs Los Angeles Dodgers- 230 PA, 28.7 K%, .214 BA, .309 wOBA
I like this match-up for Darvish as he’s faced this team once already this team where we saw him going 6.2 IP, 4 HA, 2 R, 1 ER, striking out 6 batters and getting 26 DK FP and 45 FD FP. He is the 8th ranked pitcher on DK and 7th ranked on FD. I think his ownership will be lower than expected and we can take full advantage of that today.
Luis Castillo vs Los Angeles Angels- 81 PA, 32.1 K%, .234 BA, .349 wOBA
I do like this one as well. Castillo is the most expensive pitcher on the slate but he’s already faced the Angels twice this year with success. In those 2 starts, he has pitched 11.2 innings, allowing 5 R, 3 ER, while striking out 16 batters for an average of 24.5 FPPG on DK. He will be more of a cash option than a tournament with his price.

MLB DFS Picks Today 8/4/23


Favorite Plays:

Adley Rutschman vs David Peterson
Travis d’Arnaud vs Kyle Hendricks
J.T. Realmuto vs Jordan Lyles

MLB DFS Picks Today 8/4/23


Favorite Plays:

Freddie Freeman vs Yu Darvish
Joey Votto vs Patrick Corbin
Jose Abreu vs Luis Severino

MLB DFS Picks Today 8/4/23


Favorite Plays:

Ozzie Albies vs Kyle Hendricks
Ryan McMahon vs Adam Wainwright
Jose Altuve vs Luis Severino

MLB DFS Picks Today 8/4/23


Favorite Plays:


Rafael Devers vs Alek Manoah
Eugenio Suarez vs Reid Detmers
Jose Ramirez vs Mike Clevinger

MLB DFS Picks Today 8/4/23


Favorite Plays:

Elly De La Cruz vs Patrick Corbin
CJ Abrams vs Graham Ashcraft
Francisco Lindor vs Dean Kremer

MLB DFS Picks Today 8/4/23


Favorite Plays:


Marcell Ozuna vs Kyle Hendricks
Alex Verdugo vs Alek Manoah
Ian Happ vs Max Fried
Shohei Ohtani vs Luis Castillo
Jorge Soler vs Jordan Montgomery
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MLB DFS Picks Today 8/4/23



Stacking in MLB DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) refers to selecting multiple players from the same team in your lineup.

Here are some reasons why stacking can be an effective strategy:

  1. Offensive Synergy: Stacking players from the same team increases the potential for offensive synergy. When a team has a productive inning or scoring spree, all the stacked players benefit. Hits, runs, and RBIs by one player can lead to additional opportunities for other players in the stack, amplifying the potential for fantasy points.
  2. Maximizing Run Production: By stacking players from a high-scoring team or a lineup with favorable matchups, you increase the chances of capturing a significant portion of the team’s run production. This strategy is especially useful when facing a weak opposing pitcher or when playing in hitter-friendly ballparks.
  3. Weather and Ballpark Factors: Stacking can help leverage favorable weather conditions or ballpark factors. If a game is played in a hitter-friendly park or has high wind speeds, stacking players from the teams involved can lead to increased offensive output. Conversely, if a game is played in a pitcher-friendly park or has unfavorable weather, stacking opposing pitchers may be beneficial.
  4. Cost Efficiency: Stacking allows you to focus your budget on a specific team’s offense rather than spreading it across multiple teams. By concentrating your resources, you can roster more impactful players and potentially access top-tier hitters who may be expensive individually.
  5. Differentiation and Tournament Upside: Stacking can help differentiate your lineup in large-field tournaments. If the stacked team performs exceptionally well, it can provide a unique combination of players that differentiates your lineup from others. This differentiation can lead to higher tournament upside and increased chances of finishing atop the leaderboard.
  6. Increased Upside Potential: When a stack performs well, the fantasy points accumulate rapidly. By combining multiple players from a high-scoring team, you increase the potential for a big offensive output, resulting in higher fantasy point totals.

It’s important to note that stacking is not without risks. If the stacked team struggles offensively, it can significantly impact your lineup’s performance. Additionally, stacking may limit exposure to players from other teams who have standout performances. To mitigate these risks, diversifying your lineups and carefully assessing matchups and player performance are crucial.

Ultimately, stacking can be a valuable strategy in MLB DFS to leverage offensive synergy, maximize run production, and increase the potential for high-scoring lineups.


Cincinnati Reds vs Patrick Corbin- (Elly De La Cruz, Matt McLain, TJ Friedl, Will Benson, Jake Fraley)

Boston Red Sox vs Alek Manoha- (Jarren Duran, Triston Casas, Rafael Devers, Alex Verdugo)

Cleveland Guardians vs Mike Clevinger- (Andres Gimenez, Jose Ramirez, Steven Kwan, Josh Naylor, Bo Naylor)

New York Yankees vs Hunter Brown- (Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Jake Bauers, Gleyber Torres, Isiah Kiner-Falefa)






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REMEMBER: These are lineups we use but feel free to pick and choose plays and make your own lineups. Don’t ALWAYS follow these as they don’t hit 100% of the time. We do use these but sometimes late scratches happen and it’s too late to update the lineup. Good luck and bring home the bacon.

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