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Plunder in Warzone 2 is the best method to Max Level Guns

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Plunder in Warzone 2

The question we get the most is how we level guns in Plunder in Warzone 2. They have recently added the Plunder mode to Warzone 2’s playlist. This money-oriented mode has been a fan-favorite since it was introduced in the Warzone (2020) and has been a highly welcoming addition to the new Warzone 2 game. The player base has missed their favorite stomping ground, where they usually grind for weapon levels.

In Warzone 2, Plunder remains one of the best places to farm for weapon XP quickly. If a player is methodical enough, they can quickly grind enough weapon XP to completely max-level a level 1 gun in two to three plunder matches. However, the weapon XP grind can be more efficient if players follow the method mentioned below.

Plunder in Warzone 2


Once the contract has started, run around the area and look for loot boxes to open. Opening loot boxes, be it bags, medical cabinets, or supply boxes, will help reduce the timer of the contract. Being mobile while looking for loot boxes also passively reduces the Most Wanted contract timer.

**Currently if you drop in and pick up a Most Wanted Contract and immediately kill yourself, you’ll be rewarded to XP for killing a Most Wanted target, even if it’s yourself. Will most definitely be corrected in the near future.**

Collect any cash you come across and find a Buy Station. Then buy as many armor plates as possible, the cheapest item in the shop. Buying items from the Buy Station will also net quite a lot of weapon XP for the gun they have on hand. When the Most Wanted Contract is about to end, ensure that the weapon required to be leveled up is on hand. Completing two to three of the Most Wanted contracts while having already equipped a Double XP token is enough to completely max level a gun from level 1.

Although players can gain the highest amount of weapon XP by completing Most Wanted contracts, Bounty contracts are also a good alternative. While playing in quads, a squad of skilled players can quickly complete multiple Bounty contracts to earn tons of Weapon XP. However, the team will need a helicopter or an Armored LTV to be mobile yet secure enough to traverse the map safely.

Alongside that, Intel contracts are also an excellent way to quickly secure lots of weapons XP for a solo player. But at the end of the day, nothing is as efficient as completing Most Wanted contracts when it comes to quickly max leveling a gun in the Plunder mode of Warzone 2.

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