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NFL DFS Week 1 Picks

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NFL DFS Week 1 Picks

The NFL is back and here you’ll find NFL DFS Week 1 Picks for both Fanduel and Draftkings.

So what exactly will you find here each week?

We take our NFL Bacon Station and sort it by 2021 stats. We will be breaking down each position for both Fanduel and DraftKings. All of these stats are based on last season’s Defenses and the number of fantasy points they gave up in total and FPPG for both websites. What you will see below will be some of the Best NFL DFS Week 1 Picks broken down by Top QBs, RBs, WRs, and TEs for your season-long and DFS lineups each week.


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NFL DFS Week 1 Picks


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Before we begin, I just want to reiterate that these stats are from last season. What I’ve done is take our Bacon Station and sort by DK FPPG from last season. With any sport, we know that things won’t be EXACTLY as they were last year with additions/subtractions in the offseason but we can go with this for a few weeks until we see what the defenses are like after the first 4+ weeks. You can check the bacon station out under the NFL tab and sort for yourself if you would like between each position, from both Fanduel and DraftKings, Season-Long Fantasy Points given up, or Fantasy Points Per Game like we are down below here at each position. NFL DFS Week 1 Picks are down below here.


NFL DFS Week 1 Picks




1.) Trevor Lawrence (DK- $5,600: FD- $7,000) vs WAS Defense

Now Lawrence was very hit or miss in his rookie campaign but he’s back with more weapons and more QB acumen to start his sophomore year. Per 2021 stats, Washington gave up a total of 383.2 DK Points and 367.7 FD Points to the QB position. That averages out to 24 DK FPPG and 23 FD FPPG. That is a full 3 points above second place and if Washington gives up the most this season Lawrence could help you cash in week 1. He’s relatively cheap on both sites as he ranks QB14 on DraftKings and QB14th on Fanduel. He could go under the radar this week and I love a good stack with Lawrence and some WRs which made the list below as well.


2.) Joe Flacco (DK- $4,800: FD- $6,200) vs BAL Defense

This could be the biggest value play on the slate. I fully expect Flacco to start but there’s a .01% chance that somehow Wilson could be back but highly doubtful. Flacco is priced as a backup since the pricing for NFL DFS Week 1 came out before the Zach Wilson knee injury. Flacco is less than $5,000 on DK and his WRs have the third-best matchup on the slate per the NFL Bacon Station tool we have. I will be all over the Jets with some sort of combo consisting of Flacco/Hall/Moore/Wilson in week 1.


3.) Kyler Murray (DK- $7,200: FD- $8,200) vs KC Defense

This is one of the most intriguing match-ups for me in week 1. We all know that Kyler can ball out in the air and on the ground and we know the Chiefs’ defense can give up a ton of points to opposing QBs. They gave up over 4200 yards and 26 TDs to opposing QBs in 2021. Along with that, they gave up a total of 340.6 DK FP and 322.6 FD FP. With that, they gave up 21.3 DK FPPG and 20.2 FD FPPG to opposing QBs in 2021 and I’ll be feeding lineups with Murray and his WR/RBs in some combo in week 1.


4.) Jameis Winston (DK- $5,300: FD- $6,700) or Andy Dalton (DK- $5,300:FD- $6,100) vs ATL Defense

Winston comes into this season after a pretty big injury in 2021. He should go under-owned in this week 1 if he starts and that’s completely ok with me. He’s super cheap on both sites and I like him as an under-owned NO stack. Atlanta’s defense in 2021 gave up 28 passing touchdowns to opposing QBs. That equates to a total of 329.3 DK FP and 323.3 FD FP in 2021. Breaking that down even further, ATL defense gave up 20.6 DK FPPG and 20.2 FD FPPG. We know that Winston has a big arm that can give us 4 TDs or 4 INTs, or even both, but I like him as a tournament play for this week if he starts. If he sits as still injured, Andy Dalton could come in for us for GPPs for an even cheaper play.


5.) Aaron Rodgers (DK- $7,000: FD- $7,800) vs MIN Defense

While A-Rod comes in as the 5th ranked QB against opposing DEF he could easily be the number 1 scoring QB on any given week. He faces the Vikings twice a year and seems to always have success unless he gets hurt. In 2021 The Vikings gave up 28 passing TDs and four 300+ yard passing games. They gave up a total of 327.5 DK FP and 307.5 FD FP along with 20.5 DK FPPG and 19.2 FD FPPG. In 2021 Rodgers torched them for 6 touchdowns in 2 games. The games break down like this: In November Rodgers completed 23 of 33 passes for 385 yards and 4 Touchdowns with no Interceptions. In the game in January Rodgers completed 29 of 38 passes for 288 yards and 2 TDs along with no Interceptions again. In those two games in 2021, Rodgers totaled 53.82 Fanduel FP and we could definitely see another 300+ game if all WRs show up and both RBs take passes in this game.


NFL DFS Week 1 Picks

Running Backs:


1. ) JK Dobbins (DK- $5,600: FD- $6,900)/ Mike Davis (DK- $4,400: FD- $5,600)/Justice Hill (DK- $4,000: FD- $4,600) vs NYJ Defense

Injuries definitely decimated the Ravens’ RB room in 2021 and we won’t even see the RBs they threw out there last year, at least in week 1. Dobbins currently holds the Q tag going into week 1 and even Harbaugh has mentioned that it’s too early to know if he will play in week 1 so keep that in mind. Dobbins didn’t play in 2021 but the Jets’ defense gave up the most amount of Fantasy Points to opposing RBs. In 2021 the Jets gave up 1,834 yards on the ground along with 22 TDs and six 100+ rushing games. They gave up a total of 543.1 DK FP and 472.6 FD FP. Breaking that down into games they gave up 33.9 DK FPPG and 29.5 FD FPPG. If Dobbins is a no-go then Mike Davis comes in as a very cheap intriguing option. Another option, at the time of this writing, could be Justice Hill as he’s showing up as the 3rd RB on the depth chart if Dobbins doesn’t make it for week 1.


2.) Miles Sanders (DK- $5,400: FD- $6,500)/ Kenneth Gainwell (DK- $4,600: FD- $5,300) vs DET Defense

Sanders comes in as the RB1 in the depth chart but he also has a Questionable tag heading into week 1. It’s fully expected that he suits up for the showdown against Detroit and if he’s in I really like him as an RB option this week. In 2021 the Lions gave up 1,814 yards on the ground and 17 rushing touchdowns along with SEVEN 100+ yard games to opposing RBs. They gave up a total of 453.5 DK FP and 404.5 FD FP. That is 28.3 DK FPPG and 25.3 FD FPPG. Both Sanders and Gainwell are in play this week but let’s not forget that Boston Scott can vulture TDs from both these guys any given week and makes a very contrarian tournament play if you make multiple lineups.


3.) Austin Ekeler (DK: $8,200: FD- $9,400)/Joshua Kelley (DK- $4,400: FD- $5,000)/Isaiah Spiller (DK- $4,900: FD- $5,200) vs LV Defense

I really love Ekeler on any given week and especially in a week where he would rank 3rd best against the opposing defenses. The Raiders’ defense gave up 15 rushing TDs and 3 100+ yard games to opposing RBs in 2021. Ekeler is coming off 2021 which saw him rush for 911 yards and 12 touchdowns while catching 70 balls for 647 yards and 8 TDs in the air. He’s a legit double threat and I absolutely love him this week. As of the writing, Joshua Kelley is RB2 and Spiller is RB3 on the depth charts but I wouldn’t be surprised if Spiller upends Kelley before week 1 kick-off and he could be a contrarian play this week for tournament lineups!


4.) Jonathan Taylor (DK: $9,100: FD- $10,200)/ Nyheim Hines (DK: $5,100: FD: $5,400) vs HOU Def

The best RB in 2021 gets the 4th best match-up in week 1 against a weak HOU defense. JT is coming off of 18 rushing TDs and 2 receiving TDs last year and will/should be highly owned on this slate. Houston gave up 1,941 yards and 18 TDs last season along with 4 100+ games on the ground. The contrarian play would be to take Hines as a GPP play since he’s literally almost half the cost of Taylor. I honestly feel we can’t go wrong here, JT for cash, Hines for GPP if you are one to make multiple lineups.


5.) Josh Jacobs (DK- $6,300: FD- $7,000)/ Zamir White (DK: $4,700: FD: $4,900) vs LAC Defense

Jacobs can be a very frustrating player to put in your lineups. He had 2 games against the Chargers last year. Game 1 Line: 13 rushes for 40 yards and no TDs. Week 18 was a different beast, JJ went off for his best game of the year. 26 rushes for 132 yards and 1 rushing TD. He’s $200 cheaper in Week 1 than he was last year in week 18 when he went off. My gut tells me, Jacobs, in a GPP could do well. White on the other hand was thrust into RB2 status on the depth charts with the release of Kenyan Drake. Super cheap option and could be under the radar as well.

NFL DFS Week 1 Picks

Wide Receivers:


1.) Allen Lazard (DK- $5,600: FD- $6,500)/Sammy Watkins (DK- $4,700: FD- $5,500)/Randall Cobb (DK- $3,400: FD- $5,100) vs MIN Defense

We get arguably one of the greatest QBs of our generation and his WRs have the best match-up of all WRs against opposing defenses? Sign me up. The Vikings’ defense gave up 3,059 yards in the air and 19 TDs last year. Along with that, they gave up 10 games of 100+ yards to WRs. That’s 3 more games than any other defense. Minnesota gave up a total of 713.8 DK FP and 567.3 FD FP points last year. Averaging 44.6 DK FPPG and 35.5 FD FPPG. I’ll have quite a few stacks of Rodgers/Jones/Dillon and a combo of these WRs somehow.


2.) Kenny Golladay (DK- $4,800: FD- $5,600)/Kadarius Toney (DK- $4,100: FD- $5,300)/Wan’Dale Robinson (DK- $3,000: FD- $4,700) vs TEN Defense

Tennessee’s defense gave up 2,966 yards to opposing WRs in 2021. Along with that they gave up 17 TDs as well. Giving up 648.8 DK FP and 521.8 FD FP and that comes out to 40.5 DK FPPG and 32.6 FD FPPG to opposing wideouts. For having the second-best match-up for WRs the Giant’s WRs are vastly under-priced this week. Looking at this, Wan’Dale is only $3k on DK and you could get him in there and still pay up at almost every other position in week 1.


3.) Elijah Moore (DK- $5,100: FD- $6,000)/Corey Davis (DK- $4,900: FD- $5,400)/Garrett Wilson (DK- $4,700: FD- $5,300) vs BAL Defense

4.) Christian Kirk (DK- $5,100: FD- $5,800)/Marvin Jones Jr (DK- $4,400: FD- $5,500)/Zay Jones (DK- $4,100: FD- $5,100) vs WAS Defense

5.) Terry McLaurin (DK- $6,500: FD- $7,000)/Curtis Samuel (DK- $4,200: FD- $5,100)/Jahan Dotson (DK- $3,400: FD- $4,900) vs JAX Defense


NFL DFS Week 1 Picks

Tight Ends:


1.) Darren Waller (DK- $5,400: FD- $7,000) vs LAC Defense

2.) TJ Hockenson (DK- $4,900: FD- $5,700) vs PHI Defense

3.) Brevin Jordan (DK- $3,100: FD- $4,800) vs IND Defense

4.) Pat Freiermuth (DK- $4,200: FD- $5,300) vs CIN Defense

5.) Mark Andrews (DK- $6,800: FD- $7,900) vs NYJ Defense


You can find the new and improved lineups here: NFL LINEUPS We are very proud to bring you tons of great info and lineups each week!


REMEMBER: These are lineups we use but feel free to pick and choose plays and make your own lineups. Don’t ALWAYS follow these as they don’t hit 100% of the time. We do use these but sometimes late scratches happen and it’s too late to update the lineup. Good luck and bring home the bacon.


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